What is this website?

This website is a personal collection of information and pictures about some of the works that I’ve ran into and I hope it will be useful to anyone willing to do the same jobs.

Internet is a great resource and you can find a lot of information digging into forums or blog articles, one of my goal is to collect these information to be easily accessible from one source.

Another goal for me is to find funds or someone willing to believe in me in order to continue these builds and continue to share them with the Internet.

What is the website about?

The website is mainly focused on homemade car builds, I usually do a lot of track day car inspired builds which include Ecu tuning, turbo conversions, suspension tuning and upgrade, exhaust fabrication, turbo upgrades, hybrid builds, engine builds, engine swaps and so on!

Something written is wrong, should I tell you?

Definitely YES! Please, if you find any information to be wrong or there are better ways to do something or you wish to tell me something please use the contact form! I always like talking about cars and learning stuff.

Thank you for visiting.