I’m Alfredo Di Matteo, I was born in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

I’m an electronic technician but I also love mechanics and informatics and whatever can be upgradable/customizable and reengineered.

Of course, these kind of passions usually lead to being a car enthusiast and that’s what i am.

What i love is developing, reengineering, customize, modify, tune, experiment and study whatever is included in the concept of car but mainly my focus is to make them more reliable, fast and entertaining. Very often my builds target is the track.

This Blog was developed to record my works in order to be an inspiration for people who would like to do similiar builds.

Since i’ve learnt a lot from the internet this is a sorta of “payback“, I really would love that people could get benefits from my discoveries and save time and efforts.

I hope you will find the info that i share useful and please take in mind that:

everything you will find here is the product of my experience and study so if you think there’s something wrong into an article, please notify me so i can also learn from you. I always want to improve and learn from other people.

Thank you if you for asking yourself who I am.