If you own an Abarth (500 or Grande punto) there are chances you’ve heard about this ECU already.

This Bosch ME 7.9.10 , which i’m referring to, equips the majority of the abarth‘s model before euro 6 directive.

This means that between some versions, let’s say stock abarth 500 (135 Cv) and abarth 500 SS (160 Cv), it’s just a matter of Software upgrade. Of course if you examine the grande punto abarth SS (180 Cv) there are also hardware upgrades (Gt1446, 390cc injectors, different map and boost controller sensors) but this means that you can virtually install any upgrade available in other versions (I could say even better than those) and just upgrade the software to accomodate to these changes.

Thanks to the Damos available on the Net, thanks to the availability of already tweaked by factory maps, tuners all around the world were able to identify what needed to be changed to make the car act as they wanted. And so I did.

Actually, to reach all these informations, you have to dig a lot into forums and study the damos available as much as you can. This is no way intented for newbies of ecu tuning.

The level of knowledge I reached with this ECU, allows me to do the following:

  • Control fuelling and ignition advance in every condition.
  • Keep the throttle plate open at 100% until redline. This is the mod that neats most of the gain. Even the SS180 software doesn’t keep the throttle at 100% to redline so, you can make get the conclusions by yourself.
  • Use bigger injectors. For example 390cc injectors installed in the SS180 version.
  • Use bigger turbos. For example the GT1446, TD04, or even a GT28 turbo.
  • Use SS180 map and boostcontroller sensors. The map sensor is a 3Bar instead of the 2.5Bar of the 135cv version. Notice that you could virtually use a 3.5 or 4 bar sensor too, but this would be more difficult to do.
  • Select the pressure you want to run your turbocharger at. 
  • Pop on gearshift, bangs, whatever related to spitting flames from exhaust and melting turbos or pistons 😛

All of this was achieved by studying the ecu raw software, so a lot of time was spent on doing so. For this reason, informations are not readily available and people keep it as a secret to gain money out of it. I’m probabily helping the tuners willing to do so but I also hope to help smart Diyers.

Please keep in mind that modifying car software or hardware is illegal in most of the countries in the world, so keep doing it for track car only. If you want your car to be road legal, just buy the software upgrade from the factory.

In the following articles I will get deeper into the Software itself.

Stay tuned.