Mazda V6 Ecu Remap: Part 1 Chipping the ECU.

Mazda V6 Ecu Remap: Part 2 Modifying the maps

Mazda v6 Ecu editor: English version out now!

Back in the days I tried to swap my Turbo civic to a better sounding and rarer MX-3 1.8 V6 so I started looking for one into the local car auction website. There were like 3 in all the Island (Sicily) and the only guy who replied was Antonio.

At the beginning we got a deal, let’s swap our cars over, but then I regretted and proposed to quit the swap, Antonio agreed to keep his MX-3 and I kept my Civic (not for a long time).

Anyway me and Antonio kept in touch to share technical informations and info about the builds. One day, he decided to swap over a KLDE 2.5 v6 engine bought directly from Japan. The engine was sourced from a Mazda Millenia.

He installed it with the 1.8 Wiring harness, 1.8 VAF (Mass air flow meter MAF) and 1.8 ECU (K819) and the car was bogging and running rich.

I suggested him to buy a 2.5 VAF so he bought a KL02 VAF. With the fuelling “sorted” he needed of course to verify fuelling (I use a wideband for tuning) and to have the correct ignition advance for the engine. The engine runs great with 1.8 map, but not perfectly. It misses a bit of mid range torque and can be optimized with a remap. To do so, I started reading on a russian forum until i’ve found a guy that have done a lot of reverse engineering on stock obd1 ecus. Thanks to him, I was able to remap the ecu. Now the car runs great, has the ignition advance that the engine was made for and the fuelling PERFECT for the exhaust my friend installed into the car. At the moment we are trying to squeeze even more power out of the engine, future progress will be documented in this page. Stay tuned.