My first personal track project was a Toyota Mr2 mk3 (Aka MRS).

This Mid engined two seater small car was one of my favourite car at that time and believe me or not i regret selling it.

When I first bought it, I never thought to build it as a race car.
The only racing experience I had at that time was a bit of Karting in local tracks, but that’s all.

As soon as i installed a pair of road legal Semislicks and started driving it better I understood that its handling capabilities were soo amazing that weren’t suited for the street, where it could have been dangerous to take to the limits.
I started looking for a track that would let me go in for a few minutes and a new world just showed in front of me.

As you can see in the above picture, the stock suspension allowed too much roll on hard cornering, so i started my “build” by upgrading struts.

I installed a pair of BC Racing coilovers, with an hard spring rate 7 kg/mm front and 9 kg/mm rear.
What did this upgrade do to my Toyota handlings capabilities?

– Street driving became a pain due to the car being too stiff,
Decreased understeering,
– Car felt more predictable near the limits.

Actually, i looked into changing the stock balance bias increasing the grip in the front -> decreasing the grip in the back -> stiffening the rear end. All this lead to a more oversteering car, which is (of course to a limit) faster than an understeering car around a track.

Maybe, since the track has a few bumps in the straight, I would have better chosen the softer spring rates available and also the driving to the track would’ve been less harsh.

LESSON LEARNT: pick softer spring rates next time ahahah or a least if the car is also used to drive it on the street.

Other upgrades i have done was: installing an Apexi Power FC which is a standalone plug and play ecu.
I made a lot of test with the vvt, ignition advance and fuelling, this has served me as experience and the car gained 3 km/h on the straight without any sign of detonation.

Meanwhile i decatted and installed a sport muffler and headers.
Very nice sound it had..

Anyway i ended up selling it because at that time I felt like wasting too much money on something with a low resale value but.. Very soon i realized it was a huge mistake because i missed the track A LOT..

You should allow yourself to live at the best your passions.
I tried to preclude myself from enjoying cars and I ended up regretting it and bought another car for the track some months after.
I’ve done the same mistake last year when I parted out the Civic to get a new daily.. I used the new daily for 3 days then i got back my Grande Punto and listed the car for sale.. Hahah.. Now i realized.. I need a RWD car for the track again.. Maybe one day, a K20 Mr2 mk3 🙂