Hello folks! Have you got an edc15, edc15p+, edc15v or edc15vm+ which is damaged and not anymore recognized by your flasher? Probabily during ecu writing something went wrong. Before going crazy, let me tell you that you’re lucky! That’s a very simple ecu to unbrick or replace with another.

Now that the ecu is bricked you can do 2 things:

  • Buy another ecu, same kind, same hardware number and make immo off on eeprom 24c04. *Eeprom programmer needed*
  • *not suggested* Buy another ecu, same kind, same hw number and also key + key cylinder + immo box if present + sometimes you need tachometer.
  • Unbrick the ecu *different tools needed*.

Recover edc15 ecu

To unbrick and recover the ecu keeping our beloved immobilizer, we have different ways depending how badly we bricked the ecu and which tools you have.

1st attempt: if you have an mpps flasher, try to use the recover function on the tool settings. If you get to flash back a working bin, you’ll have a working ecu again.

2nd attempt: put the ecu in boot mode on bench. Somebody got this working but It never worked to me, just give it a chance. See instructions here: thanks to whoever made this


3rd attempt: this will work 100% Open the ECU and locate Flash AM29F400BT (44 Pin IC “SOP44“) -> this contains the SW of the ECU, and also contains the portion of code that enables you to write in it, so if it is damaged or not completely rewritten by the obd flasher you can’t access it anymore so your last chance to unbrick your ecu is the following:

Next thing you have to do is unsolder it, taking care to not damage it. You’ll need an hot air soldering station and a bit of patience and training. If you have never desoldered such a big IC you should do some training first on other scrap boards

Hot air desoldering station
Minipro TL866 with SOP44 Adapter

After you successfully desoldered the Flash 29f400 you will need a programmer like “Willem” or, my choose which is the least expensive one, Minipro TL866. You will also need a SOP44 Adapter like the red one in my picture on the right. Put the Flash on it and try to connect it with the available software, try to read it.

Sometimes it may happen that you read only a portion of it and cannot write on it because error popups -> usually to fix this, check whether the pins are contacting good or not with the adapter. It may also thet the IC is damaged and needs replacing.

GUI of the MINIPRO TL866 flasher

Flash the original software of the ecu using your programmer. I tell you the original because if you flash a modified version (remapped) bin, you will have troubles because this programmer doesn’t fix checksum on writing like Galletto, Kess or whatever else. Otherwise, if you want to flash a modified bin already, you should fix checksum manually before.

After successfully rewriting the software on the IC, you should solder it back on your ECU, carefully checking if the pins are contacting good using a multimeter.

If everything went fine, you should have successfully recovered your EDC15 ecu.